how do you feel about skye and ward? may and ward? fitz and simmons?  

Hi anon! Firstly, I just want to apologize for the delay. I had exams and took time of from blooginf for that reason.

Okay, to your questions. I should probably mention that I’m not really a shipper. It’s not something I focus on when watching a show. I’ll try and answer as best as I can though.

If I had to pick between skyward and mayward, I would choose skyward simply because they both have feelings for each other. Mayward seemed to be about the sex, which is fine, and can build into more, but Ward really didn’t seem into May. May showed signs of jealousy but Ward? I didn’t get any signs of feelings from his end. Furthermore, I feel like he slept with her simply to neutralize a threat.

Ward does seem to have feelings for Skye and she feels the same way about him. Which is a start. However, I think before they can be a couple, he needs to redeem himself. Whether this is possible or not is not something I’m going to go into now. But Skye is an inherently good, loving person who would do anything for her family. If he wants a shot with her, he has to earn it. He has to be good enough for her. She should not choose to be with him otherwise.

As for Fitzsimmons, I still see them as siblings, simply because that’s how they portrayed in the beginning. If they hadn’t known each other for years it would be easier for me to buy. But the fact that they’ve known each other for so long makes me feel like the relationship is cemented, you know? Right now, it’s almost like he has fallen for her, but she still sees him as a brother. I think it’s just a personal thing, I find it hard to switch from sibling mode to relationship mode on any show. I understand, though, that feelings can change. It’s just a matter of the writers convincing me and I’m sure that they can. Especially once Simmons grows to love Fitz in a romantic way as well which I’m presuming is inevitable at this point.

I look forward to seeing how the writers and actors handle all these ships next season. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

Do you know where to find the video for the cast of avengers trying to get what SHIELD stands for?  

Hi anon,

I watched it on here.

Hope that helps :)